Anger Management

ABOUT Anger Management

We all experience anger from time to time, ranging from mild annoyance to intense rage.

It is important we understand what triggers feelings of intense anger in order to learn how to manage and use it appropriately and maintain healthy relationships and overall well-being.

Anger (a normal and adaptive human emotion) is distinct from aggression and violence (which are destructive and maladaptive behaviours). To help you understand what triggers anger and develop the skills to manage it, we offer a number of therapies.


Individual talk therapy with one of our skilled psychologists can help you to get on top of controlling your anger and other intense emotions. In your sessions, a common method for treatment is cognitive behavioural therapy, where unhelpful, inaccurate or negative thoughts are challenged and more helpful and positive thoughts are learnt. 

We also offer body based approaches, including:

These pick up your own physiological responses to stressors, targeting the parts of the brain that act automatically, beyond your conscious control. 

Next steps? 

Let’s make a start. During your first sessions we’ll work through your challenges and needs.

This is not an exercise of putting you in a box and sticking a label on it but rather helping you feel safe and opening up opportunities for healing and growth.

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