Stress can be defined as feeling emotional, mental and/or physical pressure or tension.

Some stress results from overworking or taking too much on. Alternatively, stress can also arise from the perception of having too much to deal with (e.g. feeling responsible for others, or for things outside of your control).

In short bursts stress can help us focus to achieve a goal or meet a deadline, however long term exposure to stress can lead to burn out and feeling overwhelmed, even leading to mental health or chronic health conditions.

Stress is your body’s response to changes and events occuring in your life and your external environment. People experience stress in many different ways and some are more impacted by it than others.

It is important to remember that we cannot avoid stress – all we can do is attempt to eliminate any unneccessary stress from our life, learn to effectively cope with the daily stressors that we cannot avoid, or to build healthy boundaries about personal responsibilities.


The psychological approaches that we use to help clients with Stress include:  

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