A safe place to grow

Breathe Psychology is a Geelong-based team of highly trained and committed psychologists, treating the mind and body.

Designed around you.

We offer progressive, proven, evidence-based therapies to suit your individual needs and promote opportunities for healing and growth.

Trauma-Informed care and practice.

Our approach recognises the impacts of stress (trauma) on your emotional, psychological and social well-being. Our practice works with the body, memory and an understanding of self. 

A safe place to heal and grow.

Our spaces and psychologists create safe havens to meet and manage your challenges. Safely getting to a better understanding of you, creates healing and growth opportunities for the mind and body.



Do I need a referral to access Breathe Psychology services?

Yes, you do need a referral to access services at Breathe Psychology. 

Why do I require a referral for this service?

We ask all potential clients to have a referral from a GP, Psychiatrist or Specialist to ensure you have the best possible allied health care support. While we may not need to contact a medical professional regarding your care, it is best practice that our Psychologists have a medical professional that they can liaise with if required. At Breathe Psychology we strive to provide a comprehensive service that aims to ensure the best possible care. 

How do I get a GP referral?

In order to get a referral to a Psychologist at Breathe Psychology, you will need to make an appointment with a GP or Psychiatrist and ask them to refer you to our service. Even if you do not wish to claim sessions through Medicare you will still require a referral to access our service. If you do wish to claim sessions through Medicare, you will also need a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) along with your referral. We recommend checking with the GP’s administrative team if you need to book a longer appointment to obtain a MHCP, as they often require more time to do this assessment. 

What are your fees? Do you bulk bill?

As a Private Practice Psychology Clinic there are out of pocket costs for most of our services. We do not bulk bill but we do provide discounted rates for concession, students and individuals who are experiencing financial hardship. Please click here to view our list of fees. 

If I have questions about Breathe Psychology services, or wish to make an appointment, what do I do next?

You can submit an enquire online here or call (03) 9989 0107 during business hours.

We’ll then arrange a time for you to have a free 15 minute telephone conversation with a member of our team. On this call we’ll answer your questions and make sure we can offer the therapy that’s right for you.