Sexuality & Identity


Human sexuality is diverse.

Our sexual development, our gender and sexual orientation and relationship to pleasure are influenced by a range of biological, psychological and social factors. There is an increasing acceptance of the diversity and fluidity of gender and sexual orientations and demand for greater inclusiveness in LGBTIQA+ people in our communities. LGBTIQA+ is an evolving acronym that acknowledges that their are gender and sexual identities that include and go beyond identification as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer/questioning and asexual.

Many people feel confused, embarrassed or ashamed about their sexuality based on familial factors (e.g. how gender, sex and pleasure were/n’t discussed by parents or caregivers), societal factors (e.g. heteronormative social norms) and cultural factors (e.g. patriarchal belief systems). Sexual trauma and abuse are common experiences that can confuse our sense of sensuality, sexuality and of self. 

Regardless of the degree of comfort within ones sexuality, all people can benefit from having a non-judgemental space to explore their experiences and beliefs about gender and sex. This can include exploration of gender and sexual orientation and if required, how to discuss, express or celebrate these with others. This can also include exploration of relational and sexual desires, needs and concerns and if required, how to communicate these to sexual partners. 


Psychotherapy provides an opportunity in which to thoroughly explore these experiences. 

Some of our Clinicians have a special interest in human sexuality, relationships and pleasure and can help you.

Next steps? 

Let’s make a start. During your first sessions we’ll work through your challenges and needs.

This is not an exercise of putting you in a box and sticking a label on it but rather helping you feel safe and opening up opportunities for healing and growth.

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